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Sunday, January 31, 2010


If you follow the calendar of the Celts Spring begins tonight. Bit hard to believe that the world is turning green when you live back east and digging out from the latest assault from the snow gods. We had a break in the rain today and suddenly the first light purple crocuses are actually open. You have to catch them quickly before the sun goes away and they close up.

The birds have actually been singing and the squirrels are busy as ever. Someone in the neighborhood has at least one specimen of poultry; we’re treated to regular, hearty doses of cockadoodledoos during the day.

Welcome to Imbolg and thanks for the reminder that it’s time to start cleaning things up and plan for new growth, inside and out.

I make the encircling
Of the many colored winds:
Black wind of the cold north,
Pale green of southwest,
Red wind of southeast,
Grey wind of northwest,
Purple wind of sharp east,
Clear wind of the dear west,
Speckled wind of northeast,
White wind of warm south,
Yellow of the veering wind.
The encompassment of the winds
Protect and surround me
This spring day.

Caitlin Matthews

Careful of those winds, you’ll find a rainbow where you least expect it.

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  1. I am very interested to find this blog of yours via this crossposting. Hard to believe right now that we are at a point where spring can be even faintly envisioned. Here we currently have only the black and purple winds, the cold ones, blowing. Having lived in Texas so much of my life, I still look for signs of spring as soon as February rears its head. This was a particularly pathetic trait when I lived in Massachusetts, and winter was still in full force. But an old gardener told my youngest sister to strew her lettuce seeds on St.Valentine's Day, even if there was snow or ice on the ground where she cast them, so we do this - and last year I had the most wonderful lettuce ever.