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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Sis and her family were down for the U of O’s spring game this weekend. She and the BIL had time to stop by briefly. I was about half way through explaining what mom and I are doing when they both started nodding their heads. It was way, way easier than I thought it would be. Both very supportive and with some good suggestions. BIL just laughed when I said that as far as I was concerned garlic was a food group all by itself and started reeling off all the things garlic is good for besides tasting pretty darned good.

There is evidence from studies in Britain that show that garlic helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also reduce the chance of internal blood clots. There is also evidence that garlic helps support the immune system. This is purely anecdotal but the last time I was on the RX’s I came down with everything bug that came through the office. That was one of the reasons I went back on the herbs. Within the month my resistance was back up to what I was used to. And has stayed that way. More later

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