There must justice for all or there is justice for no one.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Elements was a revision and reposting of a journal entry I did back in January ’06. There is a method to my madness. I needed it to explain this next entry because the earth shifted the next day.

I was thinking about the journal entry; reflecting on it. The phrase “ the whole planet is alive” came to mind. That fitted; it was the theme of the entry after all. That’s when my personal axis tilted and headed for the border, because the sentence completed itself…..with no help from me. “The whole planet is alive; and screaming.”

And just for an instant there was a mind bending sense of “wrongness.” Sorry, that’s the best I can come up with. There was a jumble of sounds and images; a slide show on the fast track. A jumble of sounds and images. Continental plates grinding, forests falling, winds howling and bottomless, endless grief. I was near tears and shaking. A very early morning break was taken as I tried to pull myself together. While I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, I’m thankful it’s only happened once. I’m not sure how many repeat episodes I could stand.

I suspect that some of the individuals we judge as “insane” may be tapping more deeply into this sense of what we’re doing to our planet and ourselves and they just can’t take the pain. Is this attempt to communicate always there and were drowning it out with drugs and/or the pursuit of whatever’s currently having its three minutes of fame? Or do we choose to believe it’s the devil tempting us and we run in fear seeking the nearest guru/pastor/talking head for reassurance that all we have to do is believe in what they’re selling and everything will be all right? Oh, there’s a devil all right. He’s called fear and we’re choking on it.

This happened four years ago and I still get the shakes when I remember it. It scared the hell out of me then and it’s scaring the hell out of me now. I had an overwhelming sense that the scales are tipping and it’s not in our favor.

I’m also convinced that the answers we need won’t all be found in the organizations that run the churches, mosques, synagogues, ashrams or political parties. Too many groups are too invested in defining who belongs and who doesn’t. Too worried about what might be happening in the bedrooms and not enough about what’s happening in the boardrooms. Too tied up in the power games. Too busy screaming that they have all the answers that they can’t even hear the questions.

So damned scared that if someone else gets a little “more” of something they’ll end up with “less.” Somehow we have to tap into the individuals that realize that the balance needs to be righted. That if we concentrate on what really matters, there is enough to go around.

We matter simply because we are here. Each of is unique. Each of the over six billion people on this planet is unique and none of those six billion is expendable. The refugees from civil wars and environmental degradation are just as unique and special to Creation as the mighty among us.

What some of us can’t seem to admit it that the universe matters simply because it exists. Too many are chasing the next big thing; believing that by possessing whatever it is they’ll somehow be judged more worthy in the eyes of Creation. And too many have so little that just surviving takes every resource they have. Too many can’t find or make the time to look up or look around and too many others can’t find the strength or the hope. And when hope runs out, what’s left?

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